Let's go shopping!…pick 2 of our 52 Adventures in Chicago

Avery drew the Oak Street Boutiques card! Well, this would be exciting if I had endless money to spend and no kids with me! Anyone want to fund a shopping spree? This stretch of boutiques is only 1 block long which is plenty long given the damage that could easily be done in just one of these stores.
When she drew this card I had no idea how I was going to make this fun for both of the kids. Avery hates shopping unless there are treats involved, so that’s exactly what I was hoping to mix into our little walk. Luckily we came across Sarah’s pastries & candies. This is a tiny but great sweet shop on the north side of Rush. Avery picked a sugar cookie decorated like a cupcake and I had my very first macaroon. Both were quite delicious.

Right next to Sarah’s is the old Esquire theater. I was a bit sad to see that it’s being demolished and replaced with retail and office space. When I first moved to Chicago in 2000, my boyfriend (now husband) lived near there, so it was actually one of the first theaters I ever went to in Chicago. At least it seems they’re keeping and restoring the sign. I couldn’t tell what specific boutiques may be going in there but I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

It was a beautiful day for a leisurely walk down Oak Street. I haven’t walked in that area in close to 7 years! When we lived in the Gold Coast in the early 2000’s I used to walk down that street almost daily on my way to work at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Oh how I would lust after the clothes and handbags in those boutiques! Today wasn’t much different…it’s still fun to window shop and with two little ones that’s about all you want to attempt in stores like these! There are a few additions and shops that have moved to larger spaces and the people watching never ceases to amaze.
Once I hear from you with that prepaid shopping extravaganza, I’ll be sure to head out ALONE to pick up some gorgeous clothes;)



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