My little guy…15 months old!

My sweet snuggly, guy is already 15 months old! So hard to believe! I feel like his birthday was just yesterday. Yet, he’s changed so much in the last three months. He finally started walking, yippie! No more crawling all over the place, tearing up his pants and eating anything he comes across.
He’s such a calm, happy little guy and so snuggly! I hope that never changes! He and his sister just love each other and constantly crack each other up; I think one of the best sounds in the entire world has to be listening to your kids laughing together.
He had a fun wagon ride through the neighborhood being pulled by his big sister, a little scary, right?! We walked to this old boarded up building a few blocks from our house, I thought it would make a good backdrop for the pictures but keeping him in the area was quite challenging, as you can see he was more interested in roaming around the neighborhood.Thankfully daddy and big sis were there to wrangle him in;)





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