Leisurely Lakeview…pick 6 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

When we picked this card I was quite curious how they were going to breakdown Lakeview considering it’s one of the larger neighborhoods in Chicago, with many sub-neighborhoods. I was quite happy with their leisurely take on the diverse neighborhood. The first suggestion is to take a walk or bike ride along the path at Belmont Harbor…so, that’s exactly what we did!
I’m embarrassed to admit I have never walked along here, further south, sure, but not right around Belmont Harbor. And, wow, it’s simply beautiful! I’m giddy with excitement about the shoot I want to do over here with my Avery when she turns 5!!!
Chicago’s parks continuously amaze me. There is so much to do…golf, bike, run, head to the beach, have a picnic, ride a paddle boat, head to the zoo or nature museum, see some amazing artwork, practice your archery??? Seriously, I had no idea there was an archery range anywhere in the city, but sure enough, there is, and we were lucky enough to catch a couple people practicing. Avery and Declan were mesmerized.
We grabbed a little picnic and took in the awesome Chicago skyline. Seriously, I LOVE this city!
I have to say taking photos at high noon on a sunny day…not the best plan. I think a trip back to this area around sunrise or sunset is in order. Don’t judge these photos too harshly, it’s truly never a good idea to shoot any subject matter at this time of day, but with two little ones in tow, timing is a bit limited.
Our little tour of Lakeview pretty much ended with our couple hours around Belmont Harbor, severe crabbiness set in! I’m thinking I to need to try these adventures in 5 years when I can head out alone! I’m pretty sure it would be quite a different experience.
But for now, I get the shots I can and focus on trying to enjoy Aves & little D! (And I can’t forget Twinkle, Avery’s baby doll, she goes everywhere with us!)

In case you’re wondering what else was on the card…the Unabridged Bookstore on Broadway was suggested and a walk around Hawthorne Place District, an area with some beautiful 1880’s-era homes. We did a quick drive by both areas, the bookstore looks cute and the homes are simply stunning! I’m always interested to drive or walk down the streets of the city that are more residential. I like that this deck of cards points out the particular streets that are worth checking out; it’s fun to see the city from a different perspective.

A walk west down Belmont is also suggested. I’ve driven and walked down this street many, many times and it does not disappoint. There is a very eclectic mix of stores and people. Some seriously great people watching around here!

The Vic is also near here, home to the Brew & View, which has been on my list of places to check out since I first moved here in 2000. I was hoping to make it to a movie there this weekend but no luck, there are concerts there both Friday and Saturday night, hopefully soon…I have to admit that the idea of having drinks while watching a movie isn’t as novel as it once was. After living in Milwaukee the last three years basically every single movie theater serves alcohol. Only in Wisconsin, right?

If you know of any great spots in Lakeview that are not to be missed I’d love to hear about them!



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    1. Eric, we took your suggestion and had dinner at El Mariachi Saturday...it was SO good! Thanks for the suggestion!

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