Ahh…we made it to our first Greek island! It was a long ferry ride from Athens, but it went quickly. The Aegean Sea is absolutely beautiful and the islands were a welcome site! I was particularly looking forward to Mykonos because we were staying in a nice hotel on the sea with a great pool, a little time to relax and read a book for a change!
I’m not much of a beach person and the beaches on both the islands were rocky and the sea is nowhere near warm enough to swim in yet, at least for me; there were still plenty of people who thought it was a perfectly acceptable temperature.
We stayed in the town of Elia which was about a 20 minute bus or cab ride from the main towns of Mykonos Town and Little Venice. They’re right next to each other and pretty much where everything you want to see is on the island.
I enjoyed the fact that we stayed a bit away from all the busyness of the towns and had a chance to lounge around by the pool the few days we were there.
Mykonos Town and Little Venice are filled with winding, cobblestone streets full of shops and restaurants. Most of the shops are touristy but it’s still fun to walk through. There is no traffic on these little streets, though there is no shortage of scooters and motorcycles coming through.
Little Venice indeed lives up to it’s name and is the perfect place to catch a beautiful sunset. The often photographed windmills are right there as well.
Mykonos is known to be a bit of a party town and it’s certainly true. We had night that was quite late, and the evening seemed to go in waves of busyness, with things peaking around 1am. We sure had our fair share of Mythos that night!

One of the many cats of the islands

Some shots from Mykonos Town & Little Venice
And a few shots of the windmills.
Onto the beautiful sunset!




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