Our last stop… As we came in by ferry I was in awe of the beautiful cliffs of Santorini. I guess I should have done a little more research before getting there, I was taken by surprise. It truly is a beautiful island and the much hyped sunsets of Santorini, particularly in the town of Oia, are truly some of the best I’ve seen.
My hopes of the last stop on our trip being the most relaxing were dashed once I realized how much there actually was to see on the island. Though I did squeeze in one day of doing nothing but lounging by the pool:)
I think Santorini was, by far, the island that gave me the best workout. Walking from our hotel room to the main street area was the equivalent of 13 flights of stairs! Not to mention hiking up a volcano and wandering all over the island. I could hardly walk after our trek down the huge cliff to take the boat to the volcano. Looks like I need to amp up my workouts, haha! Luckily the donkey’s were willing to give us a lift back up the cliff. Though it may have been faster to walk; mine was too busy looking for food and just standing around while Brady’s took off racing to the top!
We also rented a Smart car and drove around the island, or I should say, Brady drove, I’m not sure we would have made it back here had I driven! There are some beautiful beaches on this island, particularly Red Beach. I’m not much of a beach person so we didn’t hang out at any of the beaches but we stopped and walked around three of them (Red Beach, Perissa Beach & Kamari Beach). All were unique and beautiful. Kamari was a cute area of the island as well, not the sunset or cliff side, but it had a great area with shops and restaurants.
As with Athens and Mykonos, the locals were very kind and friendly and everyone spoke English. I was very surprised by this in all three locations. I guess it shouldn’t really come as a surprise given the islands main industry is tourism. American music seemed to be all over the place, I rarely heard anything else. The food was definitely authentic and I was happy to see that all the American restaurants haven’t infiltrated even Athens. I think I only saw two McDonald’s throughout the city, and, no, I never once ate at one;)
We had an amazing trip and I’m so happy to finally have made it to Greece! Again, I owe a huge thank you to my family as well as my in-laws for watching our kids while we were gone.
Onto the pictures of this beautiful island!


The volcano…

Some miscellaneous shots from all over the island.

Some images from Kamari, Red & Perissa Beaches.
Onto Oia, with all the iconic blue domes:)

And the many sunsets from both Oia and Fira.



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    1. It is definitely a beautiful place! Can't wait to hear Terra's impression of it once she goes too.

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