Farm to City…pick 15 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

Two days in a row with a visit to the farmers market! Yesterday was the market outside the Museum of Contemporary Art, because I’ve been itching to see the Skyscraper exhibition. Go see it if you haven’t, it’s excellent, and if you’re an Illinois resident it’s free on Tuesdays! Then today we made a stop at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park, which I’ve been wanting to get to all summer.
I have to say I get overwhelmed at farmer’s markets, mainly because I’m not the most creative cook and if I don’t have something particular in mind…to be exact, a recipe someone else has come up with…then I’m lost. With all the beautiful food I feel like you have to be able to come up with a great idea on a whim, not my forte.
However, I did pick up some delicious blueberries and peaches and had the most refreshing blueberry smoothie this morning!
Here’s a sampling of some of the sights around the Green City Market today!



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