The World Through Avery's Eyes

My little girl has been tagging along on my photo outings since she was born, she even got her first “camera” before she was born! Maybe it was just a stuffed camera that made a clicking noise but she sure carried that thing around taking her own pictures.

When she was two we got her one of those toy cameras, I can’t remember which one exactly, that actually took pictures but was more durable for a toddlers clumsy ways. This camera never really worked well so she inherited an inexpensive point and shoot her grandparents weren’t using. Every since then she’s been shooting the world around her.

Last fall she really got into making images. We were in corporate housing downtown for a month before we could move into our new home so we’d go on little adventures to see our new city. Our trip to the Art Institute was a big day for her. She loved it there and I think she took a photo of every painting! She sure was entertaining to the security guards! She kept saying to me “mom, just wait, I’m not done yet!”. Wonder where she got that phrase?!

Since last fall I’ve been taking the images she’s made, fully on automatic for the camera settings, and somehow the flash keeps getting turned off which makes for some interesting abstract shots, and downloading them to the computer. I do some very light editing, just simple color, exposure, contrast, white balance and crop adjustments.

I have to say, I’m amazed at how many great shots she’s taken, particularly for a 4 year old! Her photos have reminded me of one of the basic principles in photography…change your perspective when shooting. For example, change position, get low or up high. Obviously being 4, and a short 4 year old at that, her world is seen from a very low perspective. This is a great reminder for me to move around a bit more and experiment.

Clearly I’m very proud of my girl in so many regards, but as a photographer I love encouraging her to make images and I love that she simply wants to do it on her own. It’s fun to see the things she takes pictures of. Much of it involves shots of her “buddies” (her stuffed animals and dolls) and her brother and so, so many shots of whatever happens to be on tv, not sure what that’s all about. But when we’re out she really gets into it, it really is fun to watch this little 4 year old be so serious.

Since photography is a big part of my life I’ve decided to make her a little book each year with her best shots as a keepsake. And since she’ll be turning 5 tomorrow I thought it would be a good time to share the best of Avery’s work, as a 4 year old, on the last day she’s 4!



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  1. I don't text ....but I know....OMG...........Avery has great eyes with the camera...........Thanks to Michael, I received these great pics............Hooray for Avery....and her Mom, the Pro..............Keep up the great work....girls! Ginny

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