Things We Used to See…further explored

I think what interests me about streetlamps as a photographic subject is their simplistic, modest form, their necessity, yet how generally overlooked they are.
They light our city streets, they help us find our way…we’re surrounded by them, we rely on them, yet we take them for granted.
I’ve been going through some of my old work and, it’s peculiar, one of the very first images I ever made was of a streetlamp. To this day, it remains one of my favorite images…it seems I’ve always been drawn to them.
Maybe coming back to them is a coincidence or a sign for me to get back on track with my intentions with photography. To start paying attention to what I’ve been overlooking…to start seeing the things I used to see.
Maybe pointing out my lack of seeing what’s around me, what I’ve been missing, will inspire you to see what you’ve been missing, what you’ve taken for granted…



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