Buildings, Buildings, Buildings…pick 19 or our 52 adventures!

Since Miss Avery had off of school today we decided to embark on one of our adventures. We drew the buildings card, which basically covers the the tallest buildings in Chicago. Since attention spans are limited, theirs, and mine with the constant chasing I do with Declan, we only managed the Sears Tower...oops, I mean, the Willis Tower. Not really, I still can’t call it that, it will forever be the Sears Tower.
I haven’t been up here in years! I think, maybe, 2000 was the last time I went up to the Skydeck. It’s definitely a different experience with kids! They’re certainly braver than I am. Avery ran right out onto the skydeck, Declan was a bit hesitant and there’s no way I was going to walk out there!
There was pretty low cloud cover this morning and some haziness, so we didn’t have the best views. But when I see the city from that height it just amazes me. I can’t believe I live within all that seeming chaos, somehow it feels just right though.
The card also mentions the John Hancock building (the 4th tallest building in Chicago) which I think has better views, especially at night.  I love, love, love the city at night, particularly from above. I much prefer heading to the Signature Lounge in the Hancock as opposed to the Observatory, not only can you sit down and relax while you take in the view, you can order a drink and hangout as long as you like. The view from the women’s bathroom is pretty great too:)
The card didn’t mention the Trump Tower, now the second tallest building in Chicago, but I was lucky enough to head there for an anniversary dinner with my amazing husband! Great food and a great view! Unfortunately I didn’t get any images while there, hopefully next time we’ll head to the Terrace for some warm weather outdoor sightseeing!



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