I recently completed a class at the Chicago Photography Center with Tribune photographer Scott Strazzante. This was a great class and it’s always fun to meet new photographers and learn from a pro like Scott.
Sometimes a class or workshop is just what’s needed to get motivated and see things from a new perspective. Seeing work from fellow classmates is always fun and it never hurts to have a few more photographer friends:)
For the last class we met up at the bean, or more correctly Cloud Gate, to do a little photowalk. We mostly stuck around the bean which is a favorite destination of tourists and Chicagoans alike. I know it’s one of my favorite sculptures in the city.
With it’s popularity, it’s quite challenging to get a unique shot, so I was playing around with zooming my lens in and out while shooting. Here are a couple fun images from the night:)




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  1. Is that just the lites reflecting off of the bean? That is pretty amazing it looks like it is full of lites, pretty cool!!

  2. Thanks! The camera was on a tripod so the exposure was about 20-30 seconds. During those 20-30 seconds I just zoomed the lens in and out so the lights look like they're moving...coming at you. But, yes, some of the lights are reflecting off the bean but only get that zoomy look from the actual movement of the lens during the exposure.

    1. Thanks Rob! It is fun to try something different. And having photographed the bean countless times, as well as every other photographer, I was trying to come up with something different for our little photowalk that night.

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