Occasionally I develop a new series of images from recognizing a certain pattern in my photography that is entirely unplanned. A certain subject matter that I keep coming back to. This series, Nature & Man, is one of those.
If you follow my blog or posts to Facebook regularly you can see that I love to shoot architecture, it’s my favorite photographic subject. And most often the images are detail or abstract takes on the buildings or sculptures I shoot.
Recently I’ve noticed a certain pattern of including trees within these shots. I’ve long been fascinated by trees and growing up in a rural area I was constantly surrounded by nature. I find trees to be majestic, strong and comforting all at the same time. Now living in the urban and architecturally profound city of Chicago I have similar feelings towards the towering buildings of this city. They’re equally as majestic and strong, but instead of the comfort I feel in nature, I feel excitement and energy. Both are equally important and maybe shooting the two together is a little like combining my past with my present, showing how the two can coexist.
Here is the most recent shot and below that are a few images that were taken within the last year.
Field Building - 135 S LaSalle - Art Deco - Bank of America Building - LaSalle Bank - Angie McMonigal Photography-4596
Chicago - Chase Tower - Angie McMonigal Photography 1469
Milwaukee - Angie McMonigal Photography 7026
Field Building - 135 S LaSalle - Art Deco - Bank of America Building - LaSalle Bank - Angie McMonigal Photography-4509
Chicago - 333 W. Wacker - Nuveen Investments - Angie McMonigal Photography 9372
Chicago - Architecture - Trump Tower - AngieMcMonigalPhotography-2385



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