A Thousand Points of Light…a new series

One of my photographic goals this year is to work on a few series and complete at least one each year. This particular series was another one that kind-of crept up on me.
I was shooting the bean last fall and attempting to find an unique way to photograph it, I was playing around with zooming my lens in and out during long exposures and thought some of the results were interesting. I then turned to shooting some of the various buildings surrounding the bean just to see how they’d turn out. I didn’t have any particular goal in mind with these initial images, but the first image below seemed to have a life of it’s own. Each of those windows seemed mysterious, seemed to hold stories of their own, yet somehow connected to the stories within the surrounding windows.
I look at those windows, at each ray of light, as a person, a story, a possible connection. Now I’m hoping to develop a series around this idea and method of shooting.
Chicago - AngieMcMonigalPhotography-9495
These were also from that first day of shooting this series.
Chicago - The Bean - Cloud Gate- AngieMcMonigalPhotography-9507
Chicago - The Bean - Cloud Gate- AngieMcMonigalPhotography-9486
These were shot over the weekend with a conscious effort to further work on this series.
Marina City - Chicago - Angie McMonigal Photography-4935
Marina City - Chicago - Angie McMonigal Photography-4939
Marina City - Chicago - Angie McMonigal Photography-4951
Chicago - Angie McMonigal Photography-4952
Wrigley Building - Trump Tower - Chicago - Angie McMonigal Photography-4953



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