Yesterday I was wandering around along the river looking for good spots to shoot the bridges and glanced down Columbus Drive happy to see the Aqua Skyscraper. I have been meaning to photograph this building since we moved back here over a year and a half ago so I took a little detour…so glad I did!
This stunner was designed by Studio Gang Architects, which is led by Jeanne Gang, and is the tallest skyscraper designed by a woman. They also designed the pavilion in Lincoln Park, which is another favorite structure of mine. When you see the images of Aqua below you will immediately recognize the beautiful, fluid style of this firms designs. They’re currently in the process of building the Chicago River Boathouses which are quite close to where I live…I can’t wait to see them completed, the design looks amazing!
If you’re out photographing Aqua, or just admiring it’s beauty, I highly recommend getting up close and personal. The effects of this building are best experienced from as close as possible; the building seems to lose it’s drama the further away you get. The photographic possibilities are endless, from abstracts to including surrounding buildings to showcase Aqua’s uniqueness.
While I typically prefer most architectural photography in black and white, some of these images are best in color, as seems to be the case with the Lincoln Park Pavilion as well. The curves of Aqua remind me of sand dunes, or ripples created by waves on a beach with pools of water nestled between them. You can almost picture yourself strolling down a beach on a warm sunny day!



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    1. Thanks James! Next time I shoot this I'm hoping to do more shots including other buildings, it's interesting to see the contrasts in architectural styles.

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