Nearly 6 years ago my life changed forever when my baby girl was born at Prentice Women’s Hospital. So, it’s a little bittersweet that this building is slated for demolition.
After taking these images today I did a little research on the history of this building–it was designed by native Chicagoan Bertrand Goldberg who also designed Marina Towers, often referred to as the “corncob” towers. (Every time my 2 year old son sees a picture of these towers he says “corn”) So you can see the resemblance between the structures. The history of the building, as well as the architect, is fascinating and I’d urge you to read about it here, far more informative that my little tidbit here.
Despite the fact that this building is in need of much TLC, even in 2007 it was in rough shape, it’s sad that such an iconic building will be destroyed.
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