Let's Go Cubbies! Pick 21 of 52 Adventures in Chicago

You might remember that this little deck of cards, 52 Adventures in Chicago, is one of the main factors that pushed me to start blogging about a year and a half ago. We had just moved back to Chicago and these cards started as way to get me out shooting the city while, hopefully, making it fun and adventurous for my kids to be tagging along. But last fall, with my daughter starting full day school and my son’s nap schedule changing, these little adventures took a backseat and we only managed to get out occasionally during school breaks. Then with camps and traveling this summer, once again the adventures got lost in the shuffle.
It’s been over 7 months since the last card was drawn and while today’s card wasn’t technically drawn, since it takes a little planning to go to a sporting event (especially with two kids!), I’m still hoping to actually get through this whole deck. I’m just one of those people that has to finish what I start no matter how long it might take!
While this isn’t my typical photographic subject matter, I’m certainly no sports photographer(!), it’s fun to take a break from the usual photography for some fun exploring at home.
Here’s to hoping today’s adventure to Wrigley, also my son’s first baseball game (the sad life of the second child, he’s almost 2.5 years old, his sister was only 3 weeks old when she went to her first game), lights a fire to do a little more exploring throughout the rest of the summer.
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2013-07-07 13.31.10

Miss Avery, 3 weeks old, at her 1st Cubs Game
Miss Avery, 3 weeks old, at her 1st Cubs Game



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