Chinatown…pick 22 of 52 Adventures in Chicago!

Chicago Chinatown

After my last rained out attempt at taking the water taxi down to Chicago’s Chinatown I ventured out again today with my little girl for a little exploring and our first taste of bubble tea!

Avery always loves taking any form of public transportation so she was in luck with our trek on the bus, red line and water taxi today! The water taxi sure is an under utilized way to get around certain parts of the city. You never have to deal with traffic and it’s certainly scenic, though occasionally foul smelling on hot summer days…wow!
We jumped on the taxi at Michigan Ave and headed down to Chinatown this morning. I don’t think I’ve ever ventured down the Chicago River past Jackson. And I rarely get a glimpse of the city skyline from the southside so this was a fun alternative for the day, especially from the river!

Chicago Skyline from Chinatown

I can’t say I got a whole lot of exceptional images showcasing Chinatown from our little trip, but there was this one house tucked at the end of an alley entrance that was quite interesting. Very ornately decorated, in what seems to be traditional Chinese decor, and very well maintained, but such an odd location.

Chicago Chinatown

Chicago Chinatown

While the point of these adventures is mainly to explore our hometown and discover different neighborhoods, cultures and have a little fun; I try to find a way to work in some of my photography if at all possible. That is, afterall, part of the reason this blog started in the first place. So, excuse the chaotic assemblage of images, but I had to include a few from along the river today.

Angie McMonigal Photography-7050-Edit
I still can’t seem to pass up those streetlamps!

River City More and more I appreciate Bertrand Goldberg's architecture
River City
More and more I appreciate Bertrand Goldberg’s architecture

Angie McMonigal Photography-7103-Edit-Edit
And the Sears Tower

Thanks to Miss Avery for tagging along today, she sure made the outing more fun:) It’ll be interesting to see her images from today…soon I’ll be posting a recap of her best photos from the year (since she’s almost 6 now!), she always surprises me!
2013-07-23 09.38.12-2



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  1. Great shots! My daughter and I did a similar trip last week. We took the train to Union Station. Then did the Sears tower. Then we took the water taxi to Navy Pier to ride the rides before heading back. Next time we'll do Chinatown. Great idea.

    1. Sounds like a great day Chris! I'm sure you're daughter loved it! Any photography for you while exploring?

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