The World Through Avery's Eyes (5 years old)

This is one of my favorite posts to write and share each year. Granted it’s only the second year I’ve done this, but it’s so fun for me to go back and review all the images my (not so) little girl has taken in the last year and review the images from last years post. And it’s even better to relive our little photography outings from the year.
Every once in awhile Avery tags along with me when I go out to shoot. She loves taking her bright pink camera pretty much everywhere! And she still loves taking pictures of her little brother, doll and the tv; but when it’s just her and I out exploring she never ceases to amaze me with the images she captures. I’m one proud momma and this little lady inspires me everyday.
Here we are, the day before she turns 6, sharing the “Best of Avery” at 5 years old!
Some of my favorites are her more abstract images. Last fall we explored Buckingham Fountain at night and she got some really fun shots.
untitled-0121-3 untitled-0117-3 untitled-0110-3
A chilly first day of 2013
untitled--6 untitled--3
Might be my favorite of hers from the year. Her interpretation of Calatrava’s Milwaukee Art Museum.
Avery McMonigal-3120-Edit
Avery McMonigal-3168-Edit
Onto warmer climates…she was so excited about the reflections of the palm trees in the pool; exclaiming “mommy, mommy I have the BEST idea! I’m going to take pictures of the palm trees in the pool!” Indeed, a good idea!
And no year is complete without a self-portrait. If only I could learn that lesson!
Happy (almost) 6th Birthday Miss Avery!



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