I recently spent the morning at the Lincoln Park Zoo with my little guy, it was kind-of a spur of the moment trip, we were having one of those ideal fall days that just had to be spent outside.
Rarely when I spend the day or embark on an outing with my kids, especially my 2 year old, do I plan to bring my DSLR with me. Long story, but I once lost my camera and a few lenses on an outing with my kids, needless to say I’m now too concerned about having too much to keep track of, not to mention I’m usually bogged down with far too many kid items and the last thing I need is a heavy camera to lug around.
So, of course, on this perfect fall day the zoo animals were in perfect cooperation. I spent the morning internally swearing that I didn’t bring my DSLR. But in the end my handy iPhone camera saved the day and instead of worrying where my camera was and having my arms too full of equipment I got to enjoy a fun morning with my sweet little boy, piggyback rides and all.
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