Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I generally like to focus on one building each time I go out for some photography but that doesn’t mean I don’t come across other buildings or scenes that catch my eye. While my morning was fairly dull before making it to Spertus, the afternoon had me walking by one of my favorite Chicago buildings while on my way to scout a potential client assignment…the Sofitel. Since geometric photography seemed to be the theme of the day, the Sofitel fit in perfectly!
But, first, here are a couple images of the Sears (Willis–I will never call it this!) Tower. The light was all wrong for photographing this building and I have yet to get an image that I truly like of this, but here are a couple outtakes…sticking to geometry  here too.
Angie McMonigal Photography-0374-EditAngie McMonigal Photography-0375-Edit
A couple fun facts about the Sears Tower, if you’re interested: I’m sure you remember it was the world’s tallest building for nearly 25 years until it was outdone by the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. It’s still ranked within the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. And until One World Trade Center was completed last year it was the tallest building in the US, though many would argue it still is. However, Chicago may soon reclaim the title of world’s tallest building if construction of the Chicago Spire actually gets back underway…rumors abound!
Okay, onto the Sofitel, which I ended up spending more time photographing than I had planned. This is a luxury French hotel chain with its Chicago location fittingly designed by French architect Jean-Paul Viguier and located in Chicago’s most expensive neighborhood, the Gold Coast. Home to the highest end shopping district in the city (Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Barney’s, Bentley anyone?) with great restaurants, nightlife and proximity to the lakefront. Ahhh, I  miss being in this neighborhood as regularly as I used to be—I love the energy and excitement; though I don’t miss the myriads of tourists aimlessly wandering around the nearby Michigan Avenue shopping district. I used to work at Northwestern Memorial Hospital which is very nearby the hotel so I’m quite familiar with window shopping my way through here. But, back to the Sofitel and its amazing geometric architecture…
Angie McMonigal Photography-0438-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0443-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0446-Edit-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0449-Edit-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0450-Edit-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0451-Edit
And if you want to see the color versions of a few of the images click here…because you know I can never decide between the two!



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