Over the weekend I spent a couple days at my parents house and decided to go for a run Saturday morning…I had my phone with me because I can’t seem to run without music and it never hurts to have a camera with you no matter where you are.
I’ve never been much for running, especially outside of the gym, but there was something almost therapeutic about being in a much more open space than the gym or even running in the city. Despite growing up here and being surrounded by forests and undeveloped land for half of my life, this is one of the first times it felt foreign to me or just not my normal anymore. I guess not living in a rural area for nearly 20 years and being in a large city for over 14 of those years has shifted what my normal is.
Anyhow, I think this opened my eyes to how peaceful nature can be and let me see what always felt so boring and routine in a new way…so here are some iPhone pics from my weekend back home.
2014-04-19 10.24.26 2014-04-19 10.25.23 2014-04-19 10.30.58 2014-04-19 15.56.12-1
This may not have been taken on my run but there are always some pretty amazing sunsets from my parents house.
2014-04-18 19.54.49



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