One of my “projects” this year is to photograph some of Chicago’s bridges, along with interesting bridges in any location I travel to. I started this year with the very cool Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge in San Diego. And this week I finally made it to one of Chicago’s more interesting bridges, the North Ave Bridge. This is a suspension/cable-stayed bridge that was completed in 2008 replacing the bascule bridge (drawbridge) that was built over 100 years earlier in 1907.
I was having a tough time finding an interesting perspective of this bridge, I got some okay shots but I’m still frustrated I couldn’t come up with something I was really excited about. The perspective I like the best is of the  isolated “peaks” and steetlamps seeming to cross paths with each other.
I did realize there is a nice view of the city skyline, hard to understand why I never realized this given how often I’ve driven over this bridge, with interesting details in the foreground—the train bridge and some industrial-like buildings juxtaposing the more pristine skyline.
Now I just need to remind myself to get back over there in softer, late afternoon or blue hour light to create some interesting skyline images.
Angie McMonigal Photography-0827-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0829-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0834-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0844-Edit-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0846-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-0850-Edit



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