As I was walking along Lakeshore Drive (LSD) admiring the amazing architecture in this city, I remembered an image I made last fall at the Open House Chicago event and how much I loved the layering of buildings and different styles of architecture.
4Marina City - Urban Density - Angie McMonigal Photography-8141
The various eras of design aesthetics yet they all still seem to fit together, to “get along”, to create this urban harmony. Also how seeing the buildings this way, with little to no space between them, feels like they’re stacked one upon another, even though we know that’s not the case. There are sidewalks, open lots (albeit few), parks and the river all weaving their way through all this density allowing us to move through our daily lives.
I’m not 100% sure what my full intent is with creating these types of images or exactly why they appeal to me…yet. But there’s something there…maybe a connection or an evolution of our past with our present shown through changing design aesthetics? The proximity of so many of us living in dense spaces yet having a freedom not allowed in less densely populated and designed cities (believe me I know, I grew up in a town of 5000!)? Each building with its own personality fitting in in its own unique way? Or maybe both or something else entirely?
Anyhow, here are a couple new images.
1Angie McMonigal Photography-1083-Edit 2Angie McMonigal Photography-1078-Edit
I also realized there have been a handful of images I’ve made in this same way, to see a few more click here to browse through the full gallery.



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