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I recently had the honor of National Geographic Your Shot Blog featuring some of my work. While they’ve featured a few of my images on their Your Shot Daily Dozen (here, here and here) in the past and one image as their photo of the day (here), I have to admit I was extra excited receiving an email from one of their editors asking me a few questions and letting me know they wanted to do a more exclusive feature on some of my black and white architectural work! Not only because this is NatGeo (NatGeo!!!! They want to feature my work, what?!?!?), their magazine was my first real exposure to exceptional photography and working for them was something I dreamed of as a child…I still wouldn’t mind that being a reality, but for them to choose to feature my architectural work in the style I most prefer photographing could not have made me happier.
Here is the intro from the NatGeo editors, to read the full post and see all the images click here.
“The editors have been noticing Your Shot photographer Angie McMonigal‘s architectural photos in the daily edits. She has a unique point of view that adds drama to these famous and not so famous buildings. Below she talks about her series. ”

Angie McMonigal Photography-0269-Edit



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    1. Lol, I'm far from famous but thank you so much! You know I appreciate your support and you cheering me on so very much, so thank you! 🙂

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