Interview with Lens People

I’m always surprised and flattered when I receive requests for interviews and this interview with Lens People is no exception. Thank you so much to them for their time!
Below is an excerpt from the editors:
Angie McMonigal is an urban architecture and fine art photographer from Chicago. Most of her work consists of minimalistic compositions exhibiting abstract patterns and perspective . Living in a big metropolis like Chicago gives her an opportunity and ability to see beautiful elements in huge objects like sky skyscrapers and gigantic structures. Through her work we can notice the change that’s been set in with changing times and feel its shaping effect on our life and beliefs. Angie’s work has been widely recognized and awarded by agencies around the world for its visual appeal and aesthetics. In her website she puts in precisely, “It’s a study in various perceptions of common subject matter– a way to see the whole by appreciating its detail…
To read the full interview click here. Thank you!
Angie McMonigal Photography-0057-Edit



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