Some of you may be familiar with my From the ‘L’ Series, where I photographed Chicago from its various train lines, riding each from one end to the other. While the ‘L’ is unique to Chicago in that the majority of the city trains are above ground as opposed to subways below ground, like in NYC and Paris, there are portions of the Paris Metro and RER that are also above ground. Unfortunately for me, a large portion of the elevated tracks closer to the city center were under construction. However, I did manage some shots from the RER as I took the train from the airport to the hotel and then rode RER line C and Metro line 2 around areas closer to the city’s center.

For some reason I’m drawn to the transportation in cities. If yesterday’s post wasn’t enough to clue you in on that, here are a few more images to solidly convince you. 🙂

Angie McMonigal Photography-2297-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2298-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2305-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2312-Edit

Angie McMonigal Photography-0881-Edit-2 Angie McMonigal Photography-0885-Edit

Angie McMonigal Photography-0360-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-3614-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-3619-Edit

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