I finally made a decision about which Rookery and Palmer House images to add to The White City series, thought I’d give you a little update…

the rookery, the white city, the devil in the white city, burnham and root
Silence In The Heart Of Business

Daniel Burnham and John Root’s Rookery office was where many meetings were held regarding the 1893 World’s Fair so it seemed like a key location to include in the series.
palmer house, the white city, the devil in the white city
Enchantment Comes To An End

The Palmer House, while not one of the buildings created for the World’s Fair, played a key role, and it’s certainly one of the most beautiful interiors in the city. To learn more, you can read my previous post on the Palmer House specifically.
While I was out this weekend I created a couple others that I’m still debating about…
Angie McMonigal Photography-1835-Edit-Edit-2 the white city, the devil in the white city, chicago skyline, cta, chicago transit authority merchandise mart chicago, the devil in the white city, the white city
If you want to see everything that’s made the cut so far, click here.
And to see them all, click here.



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