Anyone that knows me, knows I dread writing. Even my typical short little blog posts are a form of torture, which is why this news might come as a surprise to you. I’m teaming up with good friend and exceptional writer (after all, she did just publish her first book, Open Boxes!!!) Christine Organ, for a one-week online writing workshop. This is an introductory workshop and it’s FREE! This workshop will obviously appeal to those who enjoy writing or are looking to refine their practice, but even those of you who, like me, are terrified of the thought of writing can benefit from this workshop.
For one, it’s next to impossible to get away with never writing anything about your work or just writing in a more interesting, creative way. Also, getting outside your comfort zone for a little creative stimulation might even lead to some unforeseen inspiration.
So, whether you’re a photographer, painter, banker, lawyer, stay-at-home mom, or whatever it is you do, wouldn’t it be fun to try something new? See what spark might ignite? Start a new hobby, influence what you do day-to-day, connect with others in a positive way. Could be fun, don’t you think?
Christie and I have been collaborating on our Photo Inspiration Challenge for the past three years where I provide her with a photo and she writes a post or short story based on that image. As an extension of this, we thought it would be fun to do this with a larger group, that’s where this workshop comes into play. Each day Christie will provide one of my photos as a prompt, along with other prompts, and participants will share their writings in a small private Facebook group (group is limited to 10).
Despite my fear of writing, I’m going to do this! IF I CAN DO THIS, SO CAN YOU! To see more details and sign up for the workshop, click here! Looking forward to this, even if it does freak me out!


“No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.”

– Ansel Adams

richard serra, connection sculpture



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