The Spectacular Griffith Observatory

Ah…the last stop of my photographic day in Los Angeles was the Griffith Observatory. Such spectacular views, day and night. I almost bailed on this stop because as I was driving downtown I realized I completely forgot my tripod back in Chicago. Guess that’s what happens when you never use a tripod and haven’t photographed at night in ages.
Lucky for me, as I was posting a couple of pics throughout the day on Instagram and commenting back and forth with a local LA photographer (Nigel Lo, @archipx),  I mentioned that I completely forgot my tripod in Chicago. He was not only kind enough to offer up some great tips on some downtown locations I wasn’t aware of but he agreed to meet me at the observatory to let me borrow his tripod for some sunset and night shots.
It’s always amazing the connections you can make through simple social media interactions and how willing people are to help out. We had a great time chatting about Los Angeles, architecture, travel and photography. And I managed a couple sunset and night shots I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise. Thanks Nigel!!!
Angie McMonigal Photography-2599-Edit-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2600-Edit-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2603-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2606-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2614-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2622-Edit-EditAngie McMonigal Photography-2639-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2632-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2638-Edit Angie McMonigal Photography-2648-Edit



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