Group Exhibition – Humans vs Nature, F-Stop Magazine Issue #71

I’m excited to announce three images from my Nature and Man series are part of F-Stop Magazine’s Humans vs Nature Group Exhibition in Issue #71!
This is a series I’m continually working on, generally not images I’m seeking out but images that I happen to come across when I’m out photographing other architectural subjects. One of the very first images I made, that triggered the start of this series, is Harmony. This is also one of the images chosen by F-Stop editors.

Harmony, Lines in Four Directions, Sol LeWitt

This series came to me a bit slowly, as I guess a lot of them do. Kind-of revealing themselves over time by noticing a common theme and way of shooting cropping up from one location to another. At first I didn’t really understand why I was being drawn to photographing bare trees and architecture. The only sense I can make of it, since I’m not trying to make some environmental statement, is that I grew up in a very rural area and spent most of my childhood running around outside – building forts in the woods, climbing trees, camping, etc.. Maybe it’s just this bridge between my childhood and current, urban, environment.
I also prefer the trees to be bare vs covered in leaves, at least photographically. This way you can see the form of the tree, much like my intent when photographing architecture.
Here are two other images from the series that are part of F-Stop Magazines Group Exhibition:


To see all the photographers images from this exhibition, click here.



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