A couple weeks ago I was in the loop for a short time trying to figure out what to photograph for the day. I normally go into a day of shooting with a plan of attack but my morning was spent taking head shots for everyone in Brady’s office so I didn’t actually think I was going to have time to shoot for myself. Much to my, and everyone else’s, delight I finished up early and had about an hour in the loop.
First, I photographed the Deloitte building since it’s about a block from his office. After that I still had a short amount of time to wander but couldn’t get too far since I drove and needed to leave soon. It was a really nice morning and there were big, billowy clouds (I guess technically called cumulus clouds) mixed in with a fair amount of sunshine. All-in-all, great conditions for some architectural photography. I started noticing these great cloud reflections in some of the buildings which reminded me of an image I made a little over a year ago at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.
spertus institute of Jewish studies
My plan for the rest of the day was set! I only ended up coming away with one image I actually liked, but that’s all you need!
Angie McMonigal Photography-3153-Edit
Once again, with that back-ended way of coming up with my series…saving those shots I love but don’t really have a home for, yet. Oftentimes, with a little bit of time, the right conditions, inspiration and perhaps a different mindset a new series begins.  I think this might be the start of a new one…Cloudscrapers.



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