I was recently commissioned for a very cool, kinda crazy, commercial shoot for Stir. They wanted their desk to tour some of Chicago’s key architectural locations leading up to NeoCon 2015 for a web-based campaign.
Their desk has a very sleek, minimalistic design and fits quite well with the architecture we visited.  It has an interactive, customizable interface that works with you, sensing when you’re at your desk and adjusting from sitting to standing positions to keep you engaged throughout the day. A much healthier alternative to most people’s usual working environment.
And if you’re not familiar with NeoCon, it takes place at the Merchandise Mart in June and is the largest commercial interior show in North America showcasing innovative products for commercial and residential interiors.
The desk toured 6 locations throughout the city. While we didn’t have as much sunshine as I was hoping for to create those dramatic shadows, we got some great cloud movement in a couple locations. The campaign will lead with black and white versions of each destination…which I love!
First up, the Mary Bartelme Park.
mary bartelme parkNext, Alexander Calder’s Flamingo in Federal Plaza.
alexander calder flamingo
Then onto the BP Pedestrian Bridge which sinuously connects Millennium Park and the new Maggie Daley Park, with views of Chicago’s magnificent skyline.
bp pedestrian bridge
We threw in the next stop on a whim since we were a bit ahead of schedule and the Mart was going to be the desk’s home very soon.
merchandise mart
Now, my favorite location of the day. Not only because of the backdrop’s minimalistic, geometric design, which ties in so well with the Stir desk design, but we also had about 5 minutes of breakthrough sun to cast some shadows and add drama.
wms boathouse clark park
The final stop of the day…nothing like a little rest under these curves and a spectacular view of Chicago to end the day!we energies pavilion, lincoln park
I’m looking forward to seeing the final campaign and having Stir share these and some outtakes, some in color, around social media and their website. To stay up-to-date follow hashtag #BeStirred!



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    1. Thanks Michael! It was a collaboration, they asked for suggestions on locations and I gave them a list and we narrowed it down from there. The permit process was a bit of a nightmare, and cost prohibitive, so that kinda dictated some of it.
      The lighting was so not what I was hoping for that day, other than at the boathouse, way too overcast, no drama like I like in my shots. But we had changed dates once because of rain and going through changing permits again would have been a huge hassle with no guarantee of sunshine on the new date.

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