Tuesday I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one photowalk with a woman that wanted a little guidance on some technical aspects, as well as compositional elements, of architectural photography. We had such a great couple of hours together and I think we both learned a few things!
One of the benefits of teaching…it never hurts to have to explain those technical and vision details I learned early on. Inevitably I’m reminded of something I’ve gotten lazy about and just being around others interested in photography is great motivation.
I arrived downtown a little bit early so I wandered around the Aon Center, a building I’ve  never actually photographed and one I still find a little difficult to shoot. This image is about the only decent one I got that morning.
aon center, chicago
As I was waiting I also noticed there were quite a few billowy (cumulus) clouds rolling through the sky, presenting an opportunity to create some images for my Cloudscapers series. Since we were meeting at Aqua for the photowalk, I was scouting the nearby buildings: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aqua and Aon Center. I’m still considering which of these best fits the series, if any, but for now here they are. I only have a title for the first one…I’ll take suggestions on the others for all you writers out there!

blue cross blue sheild, chicago, cloudscapers
The Great Divide

aqua, chicago, studio gang, cloudscapers chicago, cloudscapers, fairmont hotel aon center, chicago, cloudscrapers aon center, chicago, cloudscrapersAt our last photowalk location, the Chicago Cultural Center, I couldn’t pass up these shadows and a chance to do something with all those great geometric shapes.
chicago cultural center, abstract photography



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