This is my last post from the weekend’s photowalk. Unlike my previous two posts (here and here) where all the images pretty much make sense together, I had a few that just didn’t really fit in, we’ll just call them the misfits of the day.
The first image is of the GEMS World Academy in Lake Shore East. I’ve been trying to find an interesting way to photograph this building since it opened nearly a year ago. As we were wandering around Aqua we happened to take the stairs down to the street level east of the tower. I thought the concrete of the stair railing and base of Aqua in the foreground, the summery green trees in the middle and the shiny, colorful GEMS building in the background made for an interesting composition with the layering of contrasting materials.
gems world academy chicago
This one I made hoping to include as part of my Urban Quilt series…still debating.
lake shore east, urban quilt, GEMS world academy
Then there’s this parking garage, the AMA Plaza Garage, that I can’t seem to walk by without creating at least one image. Or in this case, two that I liked well enough. The first one with my iPhone and the second with my “real” camera. I have quite a few more here , I’m not quite sure why I like this place so much.
ama plaza garage chicago
ama plaza garage chicago
One more abstract from the new portion of the riverwalk.
chicago riverwalk
There you go, the more colorful misfits of the weekend.



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