Earlier this week I was lucky enough to convince a friend of mine that works in Chase Tower to get me access to his office on the 55th floor. I even lucked out with being able to photograph from all corners of the building for a broader perspective. Not a bad place to work each day with these views!
I don’t often shoot cityscape images and definitely not from an elevated vantage point but it’s fun to try something a little bit different every once in awhile.
A little bit of trivia for you…I believe the very center of the Chicago Loop is in the men’s room on the main floor.
willis tower, sears tower
chicago skyline
chicago skyline
chicago skyline
chicago syline
chicago skyline



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    1. Would be great to be in one of the top floors of these tall buildings on a regular basis to see all the varying weather and lighting.
      Btw, thanks again for the mention in your post:)

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