The next stop on our brief trip to the Phoenix area was Arizona State University (ASU). There were a couple of interesting buildings on the satellite campus and a new law school under construction that’s looking pretty intriguing.
I spent most of my time photographing the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism which was designed by HDR, Inc. and Ehrlich Architects.
The lines and shadows in the foreground made for some interesting shots and were more prominent in black and white.
walter cronkite school of journalism, arizona state university, asu, phoeniz, arizona
However, given the great colors in this building I couldn’t resist at least one shot in color.
walter cronkite school of journalism, arizona state university
The next building is a portion of the new Law School that’s still under construction and was designed by Ennead Architects and Jones Studios.
arizona state university law school, phoenix, arizona
The building reflecting in the law school, and in the next two shots, is a dorm called Taylor Place.
taylor place arizona state university taylor place arizona state university
My last stop in this area, and where I should have focused my time, was the neighboring University of Arizona Biomedical Building designed by CO Architects. I feel like I barely scratched the surface with this one, I only walked around half the building. I seriously despise the heat and after being outside for close to 4 hours photographing in 100+ degree temps I’d had it. Seriously, it was still 105 at 9pm…what?!?!
Anyway, enough of my complaining about the heat and back to the photography…the issue when traveling is that I want to try to fit in as much as I can, but in doing so I’m just skimming the surface of each location. Which is not at all how I like to photograph a building. This one in particular frustrates me that I didn’t spend more time here, I think I missed the most interesting part of the building. I’m just mad I didn’t suck it up and explore a little bit more. Next time…
As a side note, the design draws inspiration from the surrounding mountains and canyons and its orientation was chosen to deal with Arizona’s extreme heat…good thing!
Once again black and white versions here, but the color versions of this building and the others in the post are here.
university of arizona biomedical school
university of arizona biomedical building arizona state university biomedical school



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