There are a few sites from Open House Chicago I didn’t cover extensively in previous posts but I managed to get a shot or two I liked. So, I thought I’d combine them in this last OHC post.
The first location is the recently renovated Chicago Motor Club which is now a Hampton Inn. I was actually in here during the 2012 Open House Chicago before there were any plans for renovation. I’m so glad this beautiful art deco gem has been restored! Big surprise, both times I photographed the great spiral staircase off the main entrance. Here’s what it looked like in 2012:
chicago motor club, hampton inn michigan ave
Here’s what it looks like today:
chicago motor club, hampton inn michigan ave chicago
For a few more renditions, in color and B+W,  click here.
This next location, the Sky-Line Club atop the Old Republic Building, has some great city views. Here’s my favorite from this location:
wrigley building, sky-line club
More views here, if you’d like.
Another location with great views is the Kemper building, they even replaced the glass this year so the view is much clearer.
chicago skyline, marina towers, marina city
chicago skyline, trump tower chicago, john hancock building
chicago skyline, thompson center
More views from this location here, of course with the color versions as well.
The last stop, Lake Point Tower. The 2.5 acre rooftop garden is really an oasis…a small grassy area with some playground equipment, a meandering path with trees, pond and grilling area and a pool. Such a nice, secluded area for the residents of this unique high-rise. There aren’t too many buildings that reflect upon themselves.
lake point tower, open house chicago 2015
More Lake Point Tower images from the day and past visits here.
All Open House Chicago images here.



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