Navy Pier | Ferris Wheel Dismantle

Angie McMonigal Photography-4885-Edit-Edit-2
A couple weeks ago I stopped by Navy Pier to check out some of the renovations taking place. The Ferris Wheel was in the early stages of being dismantled to make way for a newer, larger version to take its place. My goal was to create some images using the new, modern, curvy exterior for a fresh take on this often photographed location. There are also a couple new stairways leading up to the amusement area with the Ferris Wheel and other rides.
I loved the oddity of the Ferris Wheel without any cars attached, something about that seemed to compliment the new, modern designs being implemented along the pier.
I didn’t get as many shots as I had hoped, but here are two I was happy with.
navy pier, ferris wheel
navy pier, ferris wheel



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