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I was recently interviewed for the online publication, Women In Photography. Here’s a snippet of the interview:
What drew you to architecture as a subject of your work?
This has always been a tough question for me to answer. I don’t have the obvious connection to architecture that a lot of architectural photographers do with previous careers as architects or engineers. I think it simply stems from my love of big cities, the awe I feel wandering around the skyscrapers and the energy of a big city. Growing up in such a small town, the stark contrast has always been intriguing. I also love that there’s as much a science to architecture as there is an art form…
What was one of your biggest lessons learned since starting your practice?
To tune out the opinions of others and to shoot what and how I want, to edit the way that works for me. A few years ago I think there was a lot of insecurity about whether my images were any good and I was taking criticism/advice far too personally. Not to mention all these conflicting opinions from one person to the next; I felt nothing but confused and it showed in my work. I decided to stop asking for input and to just shoot what was fun for me. If it resonated with people, fantastic; but first and foremost I needed to be creating something that resonated with me…
If you’d like to read the full interview be sure to check out their site here.
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