wrigley building, chicago bridges
I’m slowly getting back into the groove of getting out to photograph more regularly. So, while the sitter was here to watch my son on Tuesday I suffered through the return of winter to wander the Riverwalk for a little while.
The lighting and weather conditions were less than ideal…cold, foggy, flat gray skies, basically bleh. My initial goal was to try to do something with the tiered steps along the southside of the river and play with the geometry of the lines and the buildings behind them. At first I was waiting it out to let the people rushing to work pass through the scene but I actually like the images better with the single file line of people passing by. (architecture only and color versions here to compare if you’d like)
chicago riverwalk
chicago riverwalk
I definitely want to return with better lighting conditions to see what else I can come up with. I do really like the fog, though.
chicago riverwalk, spring in chicago
Despite the cold temps since Tuesday we had a pretty nice weekend and Monday was nearly 90 degrees…seriously how can temps drop 40 degrees in a matter of hours?! Because we had a few warmer days, a lot of the trees have buds and the flowers are blooming, hinting that spring is just around the corner. Please, please let that be true.
chicago riverwalk, spring in chicago, kemper building
chicago riverwalk, spring in chicago
chicago riverwalk, spring in chicago
I didn’t last too long out here. I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art after about an hour, yay for free Tuesday’s at the MCA! I’ll share some images from there in a later post. Meanwhile, fingers crossed for a warmer weekend!



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