urban quilt
In a recent blog post I shared why I work on personal projects. I seem to be in that frame of mind at the moment and while I was out last week I not only added some new images to my From the ‘L’ project but I shot a number of images for my Urban Quilt project as well.
I always struggle/hate talking about my work but, for me, this series represents the city’s urban density and the coexistence of differences – some more harmoniously than others.
The reason I hate throwing my opinions and thoughts about my work out there is I’d really just prefer to let the images speak for themselves. Let people come to their own conclusions about what the images mean to them or how they make them feel without my input. However, for some reason artist or project statements seem to be a necessity at times…dreadful process if you ask me.
Anyway, here are some of the new images. There are quite a few more in this set here.
urban quilt
urban quilt
urban quilt
urban quilt
urban quilt
urban quilt


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