urban quilt
Creating images for my Urban Quilt series has definitely been a photographic priority lately. On last week’s outing to the Art Institute and my tour through the South Loop’s street art, I was keeping an eye out for opportunities to add to this series.
Below are some of my favorite’s:
urban quilt
urban quilt
urban quilt
urban quilt
If you follow my blog or images you know I typically prefer to edit in black & white. However, with this series I think the colors are a key component to emphasizing the differences from one building to the next within the city’s architectural history. It’s interesting to see the evolution of preferences in materials and design over the decades and, sometimes, centuries.
Some parts of the city have a very diverse representation of design that can be conveyed within one frame. Other areas have a heavy concentration of buildings that were all built within the same era, which can be interesting in its own way, but the variations are less obvious. I tend to prefer the images where there’s a starker contrast between design periods. I find it fascinating  that despite such a wide span of time and design preferences the buildings still fit together to create this unique, harmonious environment.
To read a little more about this series you can check out this recent interview and feature on Curbed. So exciting to share the work with the readers of this publication!
This series was also recently featured on Creative Boom!
I just added an Urban Quilt portfolio to my website and there are more images here in this Flickr set if you’re interested in seeing more.
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