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trump tower, wrigley building, reflections
A few weeks ago Chris Smith, founder of Out of Chicago Photography, and I lead a second Architecture Water Taxi Photo Tour. As always with these tours, we had a great group and so much fun spending the day together photographing our amazing city.
We started at Monroe and the River photographing from the plaza and surrounding area before hopping on the water taxi and heading to Chinatown and the 18th Street Bridge. From here I couldn’t help but see a couple opportunities to add to my Urban Quilt series.
urban quilt
urban quilt
Once on the water taxi, and looking up at the skyscraper’s of the city, you sometimes catch light streaming through the buildings in interesting ways. Especially when you have a humid, hazy day creating atmosphere.
sears tower, willis tower
You can also get interesting perspectives of the city by shooting from the water taxi and including some of the river in the foreground of your shot. I like how the ripples in the water kind-of mimic or compliment the curves of River City.
river city, bertrand goldberg, chicago
Once at the Chinatown stop we shot from the Ping Tom Memorial Park before heading up to the 18th Street Bridge for a higher vantage point. I like the combination of nature in the foreground with the concrete and steel of the city behind.
Then we were off to the Riverwalk. On the way I found myself noticing interesting reflections, particularly in the Nuveen Building at the bend of the river. Again, combining elements of nature within the urban environment.
nuveen chicago, reflections
More cloud reflections, this time in a more abstract way, reminding me of my Cloudscapers series.

cloudscapers, tidal rush
Tidal Rush

After wandering along the Riverwalk we grabbed lunch and headed over to the Wrigley Building and Trump Tower. People often overlook the courtyard between the two portions of the Wrigley Building but it’s one of my favorite areas to shoot because it offers a bit more of an unexpected perspective on this iconic Chicago building.
wrigley building
Just around the corner another perspective on the Wrigley Building, this time reflected in Trump Tower.
trump tower, wrigley building, reflections
Now for Trump Tower to be reflected in a neighboring Mies van der Rohe building.
trump tower, mies van der rohe, langham hotel
Then, one of my favorite areas to shoot, the AMA Plaza Garage. I can’t seem to pass by here without attempting some kind of shot…this time a bit more on the street photography side.

A few more shots in this set here if you want to see what else was part of our day 🙂 And, if you’d like to see what was photographed on the first water taxi tour earlier this summer, check here. Thanks for tagging along!



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  1. Wow ... Great stuff as usual. Please consider doing a similar water taxi tour the preceding days before the OOC 2017 especially for us not close to Chicago so we too can do it with your guidance and expertise.

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