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In a past post I shared with you how I often work with art consultants to get my work placed in hotels or corporate offices. Earlier this year I had 3 images commissioned for the Aria Tower Suites Lounge in Las Vegas in collaboration with Kalisher and MGM Resorts International Design. I don’t always have the chance to see my work in person once it’s placed and don’t always receive images of the final results. However, with this commission Kalisher was kind enough to share a couple images with me so I thought I’d share them with you. It’s always fun to see the work out in the real world instead of just on a computer screen or mobile device.
In this first shot my image is the one on the far left.
aria las vegas, kalisher, commissioned photography
Here, my image is on the far right.
aria las vegas, kalisher, commissioned photography
Both images, and one other, were all abstract photos I took of this fantastic, curvaceous bench close to my house. A great example of shooting what you love for the fun of it and making the time to shoot in the first place. I squeezed this little photo session in between school drop-off for my youngest and his pick-up, which was only 2 hours…you never know what outing will create something worthwhile and where it may end up! I really do believe if you photograph what you love that comes through in your work and will resonate with others. Maybe not immediately, but with consistency and intention the right people find you and your work and will appreciate it.
Another recent collaboration, this time with a private collector, took place over a few months. We worked together to choose the perfect images for his private office and the hallway in the shared space of the office. Love the pop of color in the 3 images he chose for his personal space.
photography commission
And 3 Chicago cityscape-ish images. I do love that he chose images that show the city in the less than typical grand cityscape representation.
photography commission
Just thought I’d share the final outcome of some of my commissions…I love working with clients in this way so keep in mind you can choose any of the images you see in my blog posts, website or social media. They do make great gifts 😉



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