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I’m so thrilled to announce the release of this collaborative book between longtime friend and writer, Christine Organ!
What began as a fun, creative outlet between friends has turned into something we never expected…an actual book!
Each week, for 4 years, I’d share an image with Christie and she’d write a blog post inspired by that image. We called it a Photo Inspiration Challenge, for relatively obvious reasons…
First, each image inspired Christie to find the words to represent the message she took from the photo, in turn those words inspired me to see these images in a new way. They also inspired me to create and share photos that fell outside my typical architecture genre. It’s good to spread your wings once in awhile!
Second, sometimes it was a challenge to create content, whether in photo or written form. But, knowing we had each other to cheer on, push forward, and commiserate with created a deeper sense of camaraderie and support between us.
Within the book you’ll find 4 sections – representing each year leading up to this book, with each section containing twelve distinct images. Each image is accompanied by a quote from the blog post that the image inspired.
Given the crazy times we live in a little inspiration and beauty might be just what we need.
Get your copy on Amazon for the perfect holiday gift or head over here to receive a signed copy (coming soon).



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    1. David, here's where I saw the sneak peek comment! Hopefully you saw what I posted on IG stories and I'll be sharing some of the pages on IG over the next few weeks too. For the signed copy, either when I see you sometime, otherwise, in my Shop tab under pricing you can order directly from me and I'll sign it and ship when it's available. It likely won't be there before Christmas though if that's important to you.

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