IR Photography – Joshua Tree

joshua tree
Whew…finally managed to get to my little Infrared Photography (IR) experiment. There are a couple reasons for this…first a big thanks to photographer friend, Tim Storm, for letting me borrow his IR camera and being my tech support. Seriously, me + technology just suck together. I hate it, so I postpone computer updates, computer upgrades and pretty much anything involving technology of any kind. I know, I know, terrible fault of mine. Maybe this will be the year to work on that.
Anyway…so, while I was in California at the end of December I experimented with the IR camera on my visit to Joshua Tree. (Here’s a past post with the non-IR pics.) It was definitely fun to play around, though I think I need quite a bit more practice with this type of shooting. This is just a quick post to share some of my favs from the day…here you go 🙂
joshua tree
joshua tree
joshua tree
The last two were kind-of accidental shots, especially the first one. I was shooting out of the car window as we were driving through the park and my shutter speed just wasn’t what it should have been. However, I like the blur and motion I feel from the shot, so it’s a keeper;)
joshua tree
And, this last one…well, it’s just out of focus. No excuses there but I still like it, it feels dream-like. A good reminder that technical perfection does not make the shot.
joshua tree
As always, more from JT here (IR and non-IR).



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  1. You are absolutely right Angie, technical perfection isn't necessarily the "end all." I love your dream-like photo here. I feel that sometimes your heart is totally ahead of your eye and intuits the end result. Your work is always great. I love your landscapes. You always all you photographs interesting.

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