toronto skyline
I’ve been meaning to do an aerial flight for years and finally managed to fit in an hour-long flight in Toronto a few weeks ago. Given I have a minor fear of heights, I thought flying in a small plane might be the best way to ease into this…a little more secure, yet still an opportunity to get interesting shots of the city.
All the shots were made through an open window. Key, as shooting through glass is always tricky, adding the shake of the plane would not help. Thankfully I have a couple friends that shoot aerials regularly so they were very helpful in giving me tips on settings.
Also, since this was my first aerial shoot I thought a daytime flight might be best to get a feel for how to handle settings, etc. The lighting conditions weren’t spectacular given we flew around 6pm and it was quite hazy so I prefer the black & white edits. Regardless, still a great time and fun seeing the city from this perspective.
Next, I’m hoping to do a helicopter flight since shooting from a plane has its limitations. And hopefully of Chicago 😉
toronto skyline
toronto skyline
toronto skyline
toronto skyline
toronto skyline
toronto skyline
And the one color shot, also the one non-cityscape shot. A little look at the islands south of the city.

Not that this will come as a surprise, but some of the cityscapes above are also edited in color – check here 🙂


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