Intro to Architecture Composition, Class 2 Recap

chicago cultural center
Week 2 of the Intro to Architecture Composition class at Chicago Photography Classes began with a share/critique of the previous week’s assignment on Isolation. Followed by me editing a couple images of my own for the class. Then we went over the new assignment, which was symmetry. A harder concept to perfect than most think. Then we were off to put this concept into practice, heading to the Chicago Cultural Center. Lots of areas to create symmetry, and given it was around 100 degrees with insane humidity on that September day, it was nice to escape inside!
While the concept is maybe, obvious, making it happen in practice is a bit more difficult. Getting yourself truly lined up is tough. And when you’re off center, even just a little bit, it ruins an otherwise good shot. So, slowing down and taking your time to get perfectly lined up is key.
There are also a number of ways to use symmetry in your shots. For example, the image above builds on last weeks concept of filling the frame, while also being symmetrical in all ways – imagine folding the frame in any direction, whichever way you choose, the result is symmetrical. Below, also utilizes the fill-the-frame concept, but isn’t symmetrical on all sides.
chicago cultural center
More fill-the-frame and symmetry on all sides with the world’s largest Tiffany Glass Dome.
chicago cultural center
Then, again, fill-the-frame, symmetry, yet only in one direction.
chicago cultural center
chicago cultural center
Here you have a section of symmetry with the “windows”, while not having symmetry in any other portion of the frame. Confusing enough? My point being, there are various ways to look at symmetry.
chicago cultural center
Then one shot, still in the Cultural Center but of one of the models for the Biennial. This time, while technically filling the frame, there’s also negative space.
chicago cultural center
Below, are the student shots:

Image by: Patrick Johnson

Image by: Evelina Snell

Image by: Natalie Weber

Image by: Aura Mena

Image by: Tim Prosch

The last two images are from students who were unable to attend class, so they shared shots they got on their own…nicely done!
Image by: Lin Witte

Image by: Yvonne Kamps

I also wanted to mention, I’ll be teaching another 7-week course at Chicago Photography Classes on Monday’s beginning October 30 – December 11. The course is titled Introduction to Architectural Series and will follow the same format as the class mentioned in this post – photo share/critique, post-processing, assignment, on-location shooting + printing of your images. Check here for all the details.



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