Intro to Architecture Composition, Class 3 Recap

235 van buren
Once again we began our class with a share and critique of the students images from the previous week. Followed by me editing a couple images in class and then onto our new topic: Repetitive Patterns.
After a short presentation we spent a couple hours photographing a few areas downtown. Our first stop was 235 Van Buren. I’ve photographed this location a lot and the southside of the building offers a great area to concentrate on fill-the-frame repetitive patterns. Again, building on the first week’s assignment of isolation.
235 van buren
235 van buren
235 van buren
235 van buren
We then photographed from the top of a parking garage across the street from the Metropolitan Correction Center. Instead of focusing on the building, there’s this great plaza outside with interesting patterns made up of the trees and benches.
metropolitan correction center
After getting kicked off the parking garage by security, oops…we headed to the Harold Washington Library. While the initial intent was to focus on the ceiling on the 1st floor, we found this great exhibit on the 3rd floor titled, Above and Beyond. It’s an art installation created by veterans and consists of 58,000 replicated dog tags representing soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam.
above and beyond, harold washington library
This last one might be my favorite from the day.
above and beyond, harold washington library
Here are the students images:

Image by: Lin Witte

Image by: Evelina Snell

Image by: Yvonne Kamps

Image by: Aura Mena

Image by: Patrick Johnson

Image by: Tim Prosch



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