Intro to Architecture Series, Class 2 – Union Station

union station
Week 2 of my Intro to Architecture Series class with Chicago Photography Classes had us going to Union Station. Given the chillier weather I’ve opted to take students to indoor locations for this series of classes.
Union Station is a relatively iconic location in Chicago and typically a great space to capture photos. However, it’s currently under some major renovations which limited us a bit. But, as I mention in my classes, limiting yourself tends to lead to greater creativity. Whether through gear, location, subject, theme, or in this case…construction.
I was struggling a bit to get in the mindset of creating a series and beyond the construction limitations, I only brought one camera and one lens. I opted to focus on shooting straight-on and relatively centered as yet another limitation and force myself to focus. Here’s what I came home with 🙂
union station
union station
union station
union station
union station
The following 2 images work together in a different way – centered but in a look-up kind of way.
union station
union station
If you’re interested in the next session of this class, registration just opened. And if you sign up by the end of the week using code: EARLYBIRD you receive $40 off! Click here for all the details!


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