Intro to Architecture Series, Class 5 – Art Institute

art institute of chicago
This week we visited one of my favorite locations in the city; the Art Institute of Chicago. Of course the art is great, but in terms of photography there are some great architectural details, especially the staircases. It was tough to come away with only one series of images, so there are a few in this post :)
Above, is the grand staircase in the main entrance. Relatively detailed focused but with the added element of people rushing through the space.
The next two sets are of my favorite staircase in here, each focusing on different aspects. In the first, the focus is placed on the curves, railings and floor.
art institute of chicago
This next set is probably my favorite from the day. Love the curves and contrast in textures and tones.
art institute of chicago
Then in the modern wing a small series focused on the railing detail.
art institute of chicago
Lots to see in just one building! As I’ve mentioned in past posts I’ll be teaching this class again beginning in March – click here for all the details!



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